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The Power of Swift: Apple Music Agrees to Pay Artists During Free Trial

Early yesterday, Taylor Swift posted an open letter to Apple regarding some issues she had with the company’s new streaming service, and they listened.

Apple Music is set to launch June 30th, and one of its most talked about features is the free three-month trial users get when they sign up. The flaw? Apple was not planning on paying artists for their music streamed during this free trial.

Taylor blatantly states that “this is not about me,” but about “new artists” and “young songwriters” who can’t go three months without being paid. She says it is “unfair to ask anyone to work for nothing,” and that it’s “disappointing” for such a “historically progressive and generous company.”

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Thankfully, within a day, Apple responded positively. The streaming service will now provide royalties to artists, labels, and publishers during the free trial. Apple’s VP Eddy Cue stated via Twitter that the complaints have been heard, and changes have been made, much to Taylor’s delight.

No word on whether Taylor has agreed to stream her albums on Apple Music just yet.

Brian from The Morning After puts streaming revenue for the little guy into perspective in his latest “Take It Easy” rant:
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