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The Replacements Are Breaking Up Yet Again

According to frontman Paul Westerberg, it’s time to say goodbye to The Replacements once again. Apparently, his bandmates opted to stay in the hotel and be a bunch of “lazy bastards” rather than come to soundcheck for their show at Optimus Primavera Sound on Friday.

The band got back together in 2011 to record a benefit EP for their bassist Tommy Stinson who had suffered a stroke, after being apart since 1991. In the years since, they’ve appeared at Coachella, on Jimmy Fallon, at Toronto’s RiotFest, and around the U.S. doing various shows.

With two upcoming shows cancelled, and Westerberg wearing letter-printed shirts that spell out “I have always loved you, now I must whore my past” every night of their tour so far, it looks like the reunion might not last much longer.

(Photo by Philip Cosores)

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