The Rural Alberta Advantage Announce New Album, Share Video for ‘Brother’

New record The Wild arrives October 13.

Mark October 13 on your calendars as that is the date the Rural Alberta Advantage are set to drop their new record, The Wild. The band announced the album Tuesday morning, along with sharing an Anne Douris-directed video for new single “Brother.”

The Wild arrives via Paper Bag Records. Watch the new video below.

“Some people might hear the song as something bleak or overly dark, but I don’t really see it that way,” says Edenloff about “Brother” in an official release. “In my mind, it’s always been more about finding comfort in change, trying to embrace the idea of an unknown outcome and how those can often bring about the most positive result that you never knew was there.”

The Rural Alberta Advantage hit the road in October, with a Toronto show set for December 6 at the Danforth Music Hall. Pre-order The Wild on limited-edition frosted vinyl here.