The Sea Waves and Wind power this hauntingly beautiful Organ in Croatia

Who knew mother nature was such a great organ player

Just along the coast of Zadar in Croatia, lies one of the largest, and most breathtaking instruments known to man. Croatian architect Nikola Bašić crafted a 70 meter long “Sea Organ” that uses waves from the Adriatic Sea and wind to produce a mesmerizing lullaby. The architect created the organ to symbolize the connection between the beauty of the surrounding area to the lively city it’s located in.

It works as air is pushed through by waves and wind through a series of 35 polyethylene tubes of differing diameters. Whistles lie at the end of each pipe, tuned to play seven harmonizing chords.

The resulting music created is the “perfect grandstand for watching the sunset over the sea and the outline of the [neighboring] island of Ugljan, while listening to the musical compositions played by the sea itself,” as described when the Sea Organ won the 2006 European Prize for Urban Public Space.

But don’t just take our word for it, check it out in the player above.


(Photo by oanababy via Flickr)


(Photo by oanababy via Flickr)

Main Image courtesy Michał Kołodziejski via Flickr