The Silver Dollar Room No Longer Shutting Down for Good

Great News for the Toronto Music Community

Last week, the Toronto music scene went into mourning over the announcement that legendary music venue The Silver Dollar Room would be shutting down.

The Silver Dollar Room was just one of many in a string of venue closures in Toronto due to revitalization, redevelopment or inability to pay rent, such as Hugh’s Room, The Central, The Hideout, and Soybomb to name a few.

But it looks like this isn’t the end for The Silver Dollar Room. Councillor Joe Cressy announced today that while the venue will close its doors May 1st for renovations, it will later open with heritage protection. Take a look at the statement via Toronto Star:

This article states that the Silver Dollar Room will be closing its doors for good on May 1. This is not the case.

The Silver Dollar Room and Waverly Hotel are slated for redevelopment, as per a 2015 settlement at the Ontario Municipal Board. However, the city fought to ensure that the Silver Dollar Room, with its heritage protections on the performance space, stage and iconic sign, among other features, would be conserved.

While the venue will close during construction, it will reopen afterwards.

We are losing too many live music venues in Toronto (the Hideout and Hugh’s Room are just the latest examples.) However, the Silver Dollar is an example of the city taking action to save one. The Silver Dollar is a historic space for music lovers all over. Thankfully, it will live (and play) on.