‘The Simpsons’ creator reveals second film is ‘in the very, very early stages’

The film would be a standalone rather than a sequel

The Simpsons creator Al Jean has detailed another potential spin-off film for the series.

“I would say yes although we’re just in the very, very early stages,” Jean explains to Slash Film. “We would love to do one for Disney but it’s not like it’s happening next week or next year.”

The first film, The Simpsons Movie, was released back in 2007, but the new movie would be a standalone, not a sequel, according to Jean. “At D23 Matt [Groening] said, ‘I think it’s gonna happen’ and I agree with that,” Jean revealed. “So I agree with that statement. I believe it will happen.”

Jean went on to explain that they “would only do it if it was an idea that we thought deserved being made into another movie. We certainly don’t need to have more Simpsons out there just for the money or to have additional material. We would do it if we thought it was a great story and we wanted to tell it.”