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The So-Called ‘Mojave Megaphone’ Is A Strange Desert Mystery

Out In The Mojave Desert Sits A Strange Metal ‘Megaphone’

A huge rusty megaphone is locked down to a couple of rocks in the Mojave Desert, and people are calling it the “Mojave Megaphone”.

mojave megaphone
Image: @themojaveroad on Instagram

This compelling installation has so much mystery surrounding it that people from all over have visited to check it out. Because of this, there are also many types of theories about where it came from, who installed it, and why it’s even there in the first place.

And then there’s the question that’s on all of our minds: can you yell into it, and will it project your voice miles across the desert for all to hear?

The answer: Yeah, you can yell into it. Not sure about miles, but there is some projection so that’s cool.

And as far as the theories go…

Here’s What We DON’T Know About The Mojave Megaphone

mojave megaphone
Image: @hexenkult on Instagram

When it comes to the Mojave Megaphone, no one really knows how long it has been there, or why it was placed there. The rusty megaphone sits visibly on top of a rock, prominently faced towards the desert in an intentional way. It had to get there somehow.

Yet another thing we don’t know is who put it there, and how the heck they even got it to its home on the rock. Many people have made many guesses over the years. Of course, there are lots of alien theories. Some say it’s a treasure map, or even some kind of a treasure itself. One end of the pipe points straight at a hill with petroglyphs carved into the stone. So that’s fascinating.

Yet another theory is that the Mojave Megaphone was created by the Chemehuevi people hundreds of years ago. I personally think it looks more modern than that… but I’m no archaeologist.

Image: @jeeypsy on Instagram


mojave megaphone
Image: @bonsaimtnbiker on Instagram

Who knows why the Mojave Megaphone was placed in the desert? That’s kinda the point. Nobody really knows why it was placed there, who did it, or even how on Earth they got it up there. One thing is for sure, though. It took some major effort and creativity.

Whoever went through the effort and strategy to install this piece high up on the rocks in the desert had something to prove. We’re just not exactly sure what that is.

Visiting The Mojave Megaphone

mojave megaphone
Image: @advpulse on Instagram

Yes, you can visit the Mojave Megaphone! It’s quite the hike to get up there, and it’s also really hot, so keep that in mind.

The Mojave Desert National Preserve is the driest desert in North America. It rests between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, close to the ghost town of Crucero, California.

Here are the coordinates if you’d like to go check it out. Please remember to bring water!

For another art installation in the desert, check out Felicity, California AKA the centre of the world!

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