The Starving Artist’s Guide to Eating in Toronto

How to dine on 5 bones


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When I was a musician in my 20s money was always tight. Thankfully the city is full of cheap food that can fuel you for an entire day. That way you can keep your cash for recklessly exploring the city at night. Inflation has made it hard to get away with 5$ dinners but here are a few inexpensive and delicious options. Please add your own suggestions!

Rose Vietnamese Sandwiches

This might be the cheapest meal in the city. Delicious Bahn Mi for only $2.75! These sandwiches are available all over the city (Spadina has loads of spots) but this place has the best in my opinion.


Patty King

This Kensington institution is another great option for a meal under 5 bones. Their patties are great but I go for the Doubles, a chickpea filling sandwiched between airy coco bread. Bonus: Bathurst station’s bakery has amazing patties too!



This homemade sausage joint in the Junction offers delicious meat rockets on a bun for an even five bucks! Hot dog, that’s a good deal!


Square Boy

This Danforth institution does my favorite souvlaki on a bun with fries for $6.75! Good luck finishing the whole thing, it’s at least a foot long!

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Mean Bao

If you like cheap dim sum this Queen and Bathurst spot should be in your regular rotation. Most dishes hover around 3$ making this a good spot to eat for under $10.


Vinny’s Panini

I love Italian sandwiches more than some of my family members and Vinny’s has some of the best in the city. I recommend the veal if you’re not uppity about that kind of thing but the meatball is a knockout too. Bonus: Mustachios in St. Lawerence Market is a great option too, skip the peameal sandwiches and grab this instead.