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The Story Behind the Nickname

Beck was proclaimed “King of Slackers” pretty much solely because of the song “Loser”. It was as if he was the Loser in the song. Plus his laid back, cool attitude and flannel wardrobe didn’t help refute the nickname!

Morrissey is the “Pope of Mope” because well… have you heard the lyrics to most of his songs? Nobody can write a bleak depressing song like Morrissey. I’m thinking he prefers the nicknames based on other options: “Moz” or “Mozzer”.

David Bowie the “Thin White Duke” is based mostly on appearance. His slicked back hair, chic clothes and because well, he said himself, he lived off red peppers, cocaine and milk during that era!

David Howell Evans got the nickname “The Edge” from Bono. It came from his sharp facial features but also because of his sharper mind and the way he observed things from the edge.

Brian Burton adopted the name Danger Mouse because when he started performing he was really shy, so to hide his face, he wore a mouse outfit. The name itself came from a British cartoon series called Danger Mouse.

Michael Peter Balzary got his nickname “Flea” by Anthony Kiedis, after seeing how small and jumpy he was during a skiing trip! ​

We know James Newell Osterberg as “Iggy Pop“. The Iggy came from when he drummed in a band called the Iguanas. Pop came about when he shaved off his eyebrows after his friend Jimmy Pop lost all his hair.

Liam Gallagher‘s nickname as a child was “Weetabix“… it was all he ate. Yum?

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