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The Strokes Are Spotted Back in the Studio

What would you do if your favorite band came to town to record at your studio? Well as this lucky studio owner learned, politely say yes!

After performing at Mexico’s Live Out Monterrey Festival, the Strokes hit up a local studio, Victoria Records for some rehearsal space and to lay down some drum tracks. This would mean the “Last Nite” band is in the early stages of recording a new album, but are nonetheless confirming hints that lead singer Julian Casablancas made earlier this year.

Victoria Records CEO Victoria Morales-Kühne posted the above photo to Instagram, confirming their return to the studio. This will be the first new material from The Strokes after 2013’s Comedown Machine, though Casablancas released his solo album Tyranny in 2014, and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. released his, called Momentary Masters in May.

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