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The Strumbellas | Indie88 Black Box Sessions

Ontario-based indie-folk outfit The Strumbellas released their latest record Part Time Believer on February 9, 2024, their first since 2019’s Rattlesnake. The band stopped by Indie88 recently to perform a pair of songs from the new album, as well as an old favourite that’s enjoyed a TikTok-led resurgence.

In addition to Part Time Believer marking the band’s fifth studio album release, it’s also their first LP featuring lead vocalist Jimmy Chauveau, who joined the group in 2022.

“I think people often feel like things are escaping them, or they’re trying to grab on to something — happiness, gratitude, professional or personal goals — and for some reason, they just can’t get there. Even if they get the thing they want, it doesn’t feel the way they thought it would,” the band’s David Ritter explained of their latest record in a release. “A lot of these songs are about trying to, like, figure out why we’re all feeling this way, and how we can find more peace in our lives.”

Watch The Strumbellas perform “Hold Me” and “Running Out of Time” from Part Time Believer, and their hit “Spirits,” from the band’s 2016 album Hope below.

The Strumbellas – “Hold Me”

The Strumbellas – “Running Out of Time”

The Strumbellas – “Spirits”

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