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The Top 10 All Time Munchies To Eat When You Are High

Today the Canadian Government made it official that weed will officially be legalized in our fair nation. To commemorate this occasion we have created this extremely official list of the Top 10 stoner munchies of all time.


Nacho Cheese Doritos

An absolute classic. Best served with chocolate milk on your friend’s L-couch in his basement apartment.


Vachon Brownies

Another decadent choice, best obtained from a 24-hour convenience store at midnight after smoking a joint in the alley behind. Goes well with 500ml of 2% white milk.


Mr. Noodles

A great choice for your college dorm room after getting really high in your buddy’s room. Best served with an egg mixed into the broth.


Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Just to add to that high, a big block of cheddar cheese eaten immediately after smoking a huge bowl is sure to enhance your buzz.


Mini Powdered Donuts

Another convenience store classic. Best enjoyed while playing video games by yourself.



A choice for the more adventurous, the McGangbang is a little known McD’s treat that is a fantastic choice to wash down that joint you shouldn’t have smoked outside the bar after drinking for four hours on a Friday night. Sometimes followed by vomiting.


Kraft Dinner

What can we say about this legendary choice? While we recommend ketchup, we do encourage other protein-rich accoutrements such as hot dog wieners. Best enjoyed in your friend’s kitchen eaten directly from the pot.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch

A true winner. Best enjoyed soggy after a mid-day bowl.


Mini Eggs

For the sweet-toothed chronic, mini-eggs are best enjoyed in extreme excess when high. Often used as a last resort before epic crash.


Baked Donuts With Ice Cream

Directions: Bake plain Tim’s donuts in your oven until fully heated, remove and add whatever ice cream you can obtain. Warning: May induce coma.

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