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The top 10 places to get a poke bowl in Toronto

Poke is a diced raw fish dish that is served as an appetizer or a main course. It is one of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine.

Poke is made with traditional seasonings such as sea salt, candlenut, and limu, and it often comes served with fish, sesame seeds, seaweed, and veggies instead. If you are craving for something lighter and full of flavor why not have a poke bowl?

Here are the best places to get poke in Toronto.

Umami Poke

1252 Yonge Street

Umami Poke is a poke spot that brings Hawaiian flavor to Toronto. Their aim is to create savory, delicious dishes while paying tribute to the sauces tasted on the island of Hawaii, but with a twist by using flavours that incorporate typical Korean flavours and Middle Eastern sauces. Umami Poke uses sustainable and quality ingredients that are sourced from Oceanwise suppliers. Their produce is always fresh, locally sourced and, most importantly, sustainable.

North Poke

120 Adelaide St W Unit FC-04

North Poke is a laidback poke shop that serves authentic Hawaiian poke in Toronto. Their flavors are authentic and they have fish delivered daily, ensuring only the freshest ingredients. They also cater for parties, weddings, corporate events and more. This place has a fish market feel, while serving up delicious and fresh poke bowls!

The Poke Box

36 Toronto St, Toronto

The Poke Box’s mission is to provide fresh fish that is never frozen, and their menu changes depending on the season. Their dishes are unique, as they offer a changing selection of seasonal ingredients that stem from Hawaii, Japan and Canada. The Poke Box believes in sustainability and environmental responsibility, and they want to give customers food that is fresh, full of flavour and packed with nutrition.

Poke Eats

4750 Yonge St Unit 118

Poke Eats is a bright, casual cafe that offers a bold and refreshing take on a Hawaiian classic. It is a design-your-own poke spot with a Japanese twist. They use the highest quality sourced fish and pride themselves in serving superior ingredients. Poke Eats also offers warm hospitality and they are dedicated to the art of food. They also have an app called Poke Eaters, where you can earn points to collect sweet and savoury rewards.

ONO Poke Bar

100 Western Battery Rd #2

ONO Poke Bar is a poke hotspot that serves healthy Hawaiian-Asian-inspired Poke bowls and Sushi Burritos. This place serves quality ingredients and flavourful sauces. ONO Poke Bar is set on providing its customers with the freshest ingredients and unique flavours, as their aim to deliver the “ONO experience.” They also have daily specials from Monday to Friday that is discounted, but full of flavour.


420 Queen St W

Pokito is a counter-serve eatery that offers Hawaiian poke bowls and burritos that serves up traditional and modern dishes of poke. They value sustainability by serving their bowls on eco-friendly disposables and sourcing their fish from Ocean-wise seafood. They believe poke is for all diets including keto, gluten-free, and vegan. Customers have the choice to pick from building your own bowls, group orders, and little bowls that serve as perfect appetizers.

Hoki Poke

563 Yonge St Unit 101

Hoki Poke is a takeout spot that offers poke bowls and shaved ice that serves traditional Hawaiian flavours with a contemporary twist, served in bowls and burritos. Customers can also get creative and build their own poke bowls. They also serve up Japanese food and offer a variety of ingredients like salmon, chicken, tofu and more.

Poke Guys

112 Elizabeth St #1

Poke Guys is a simple counter-serve joint that offers a variety of rice bowls with toppings like sashimi, vegetables, and garnishes. They offer signature bowls and the option to build your own bowl with a selection of different bases, proteins, toppings, and garnishes.

Lawai’a Poke

700 King St W

Lawai’a Poke is a traditional and build-your-own poke bowl spot with a friendly team of poke wizards who will serve the perfect bowl of deliciousness. They serve fresh and local ingredients full of Hawaiian flavor with a twist. Customers can choose from classic bowls or simply build your own bowl. They also offer seasonal dishes and cater to different dietary preferences such as gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free.

Calii Love

367 King St W

Calii Love is a beach-themed spot that is inspired by the Californian sun and Hawaiian breezes. It is a mix of a restaurant, coffee shop, and wellness hub that serves breakfast and custom poke bowls. Their mission is to spread positivity and inspire a healthier lifestyle and to deliver happiness one bowl at a time. Their food is made of quality ingredients that are nutritious and delicious. They serve signature poke bowls with the option to build your own.

Lead photo courtesy of Michael Saechang.

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