The top 10 wildest television show fan theories

From 'Game Of Thrones' to 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

Fan theory culture has been an ever growing spiral of speculations, interpretations, and associations that have flooded social media with hunches about television shows, movies, and other creative works.

We decided to focus on popular television shows and break down some of the crazy theories that have been highlighted to the public. Beware, some of these fan theories are very dark.

Check out the top 10 wildest television show fan theories below.

Game Of Thrones – Tyrion is actually a Targaryen

Jon Snow might not be the only secret Targaryen in the novel-based television series, Game of Thrones. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) being a Targaryen is a popular speculation theorized from the show, and there are several facts to back it up! Primarily, the first time Tyrion meets the dragons on the show, they don’t greet him with aggression, like they do with other characters. In fact, they are quite docile towards him. Another piece of evidence stems from Tyrion killing his father earlier in the season, as before his father is dead he says, “You are no son of mine.” This line could either be a cruel jab or an underlying secret. Lastly, Tyrion joined forces with Daenerys, the queen mother of Dragons, bringing him closer than ever to the Targaryen bloodline. Although the show has ended, we can’t help but think there was more to Tyrion and his relationship with the dragons.

Friends – Monica and Joey were always high


There are so many fan theories based on Friends, but this one is the most outrageous. Fans believe that the cleaning-crazed Monica and food-loving Joey were dependent on drugs throughout the show’s ten year run. Redditors guess that Monica was a cocaine addict based on her career, theorizing that she turns to the narcotic for energy in the fast-paced environment. Joey’s addiction to pot makes perfect sense, because who can actually finish two pizzas by themselves without a little help from Mary-Jane? These theorists believe he’s got to be smoking something!

Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation – The Shows are Related

If you are a fan of both shows, there’s a strong chance you already know this one. This theory is solely based on how much Jean-Ralphio (Ben Shwartz) from Parks and Rec and Steve (Joe Kerry) from Stranger Things look alike. It is believed that Steve is Jean Ralphio’s birth father, and Dr. Saperstein (Henry Winkler) adopted him. To help secure the theory, both shows take place in Indiana! However, the biggest piece of evidence is the big hair that Steve and Jean-Ralphio share.

The Simpsons – They are all Geniuses

This iconically dim-witted family might not actually be as dumb as you think. There is proof that the Simpsons might actually be a family of geniuses who chose happiness and simplicity over intelligence. Marge was an excellent student growing up, but chose to leave her academic pursuits in order to be a housewife because it made her happy. In one episode, audiences learn that Homer is in fact one of the smartest men alive, but a crayon jammed in his brain prevents him from channelling his intelligence. During the episode, Homer decides to leave the crayon in his head due to the rejection he received from his friends and family when the crayon was out. Bart also showed a promising intelligence at a young age but chose to follow his dads’ footsteps in living a simple life, concluding that ignorance is bliss. Viewers can see Bart’s genius through his intricate pranks, but his denial of it hinders his education. Lisa seems to be the only family member to accept her intelligence, but turns out to be the saddest member of her family.

The Rugrats – The babies are all in Angelicas mind

Be prepared for a childhood classic to be ruined, as this theory is dark. This speculation began circulating on Tumblr and surrounds Angelica, stating that all of the babies are a figment of her imagination in order to mask her loneliness, due to the fact she has been neglected by her parents. The theory concludes that these childhood imaginations later led to a drug problem for Angelica. But fear not! Animator Arlene Klasky made sure to tell the public that the theory is in fact false during an interview with Buzzfeed. This childhood classic has officially been saved, thanks Arlene.

Rick and Morty – Evil Morty is the original Morty

Rick and Morty fans have been speculating on this theory for a long time now, and hopefully the future release of the new season can solidify this notion. Living in a multiverse of Rick and Morty’s can stir up many assumptions, but this theory is most prevalent, as the show has led audiences to believe that the Morty they already know is not the original Morty. In season three, we learn that Rick has a photo of himself with baby Morty, despite him not being around for most of his daughter’s life, and not meeting his grandson until he was a tween. This can only mean that there is a Morty out there who Rick has known since birth, the original Morty.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – The show is set in Heaven

Now this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince never made it to Bel-Air. We all know the iconic theme song to this sitcom, and fans believe that the one little fight Will got himself into in Philadelphia was more than just little. The story follows an exuberant teen, Will, who moves to Bel-Air to live with his aunt and uncle in order to live a better life, but what if Will never actually made it to Bel-Air? Theorists believe that Will passed after his fight and Bel-Air is actually heaven. The rare taxi driver is “God” driving him to the other side where the grass is greener and luxuries are taken to the max. This is definitely an outrageous fan theory, which we hope is not true – it would be far too sad!

Flintstones – It’s set in a Post-Apocalyptic Future

This thesis will change the way you look at The Flintstones entirely! This theory stemmed from the television special The Jetsons meet The Flintstones, where the futuristic Jetsons decide to go on vacation in the 25th century, but end up in Bedrock! Theorists believe that the family did in fact land in the 25th century, and it was not what they had imagined. The time period was a nuclear war-torn world where humans had to resemble the primitive nature from centuries ago, which would explain why The Flintstones and all of Bedrock mimic technological advancements that could not have existed in the pre-historic era. Cars and televisions and dishwashers were non-existent during the caveman era, which can only mean one thing, Post-Apocaylptic Future!

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead – Breaking Bad is a Prequel To the Zombie Apocalypse

Did the blue meth Walter created in Breaking Bad do more than just feed addictions? This theory claims that the ex-science teachers’ drug led to the zombie apocalypse seen on the Walking Dead. There has been a small easter egg of truth to this theory, as fans have discovered that these storylines take place in the same universe. On the prequel to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, they play “Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg,” which is a tune made specifically for Breaking Bad that tells the story of Heisenberg and his blue meth; could this be proof that he had something to do about all those darn zombies?

SpongeBob SquarePants – SpongeBob and his friends are results of atomic bomb testing


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? A living sponge who could be the result of nuclear testing! This classic kids’ show has a dark past with this theory, and wouldn’t be what it was if it weren’t for the Cold War. Bikini is the anglicized spelling for Pikini Atoll, a group of islands within the Marshall Islands, which used to be a colony of the United States. After World War II, the U.S.A made themselves the governing body of the islands and used Bikini to test and develop nuclear weapons during the Cold War. They detonated 67 nuclear weapons between 1946 to 1958, and on March 1st, 1954, the government unleashed an explosion known as “Bravo” that was equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs causing radiation contamination that will not dissipate for a very very long time. Could this be why there are talking fish, an underwater squirrel, and a weird community at Bikini Bottom?