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The top 13 ‘haunted’ Airbnb listings from around the world

The weather is getting chillier, and Halloween is fast approaching. There are tons of great ways to indulge in spooky season, from horrifying movies to real life haunted spots in the city to cursed poems. If you’re still on the hunt for more terrifying things to do for the rest of the month, we’ve put a list together of some of the creepiest places to stay.

What better way to spend your Halloweekend than on a ghostly getaway to one of these haunted Airbnb’s from around the world?

The Haunted Inn

Dixfield Village, Maine

This historic 137-year-old mansion is well known for being haunted with lots of ghostly sightings including a little boy playing in the second floor kitchen, a lady walking around outside, mysterious music playing on its own, the “Big Man” in the hallway, and an off-putting energy. The owners brought in a team of paranormal investigators that proved the inn is haunted by the Marsh-Edwards family, and the listing features terrifying images of cracked dolls, creepy clowns, Ouija boards and other unnerving children’s toys.

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom

New Orleans, Louisiana

There are three bedrooms available in this mansion in New Orleans, but one room is listed as “The Haunted Bedroom,” where a ghost of a young girl in a yellow dress is said to inhabit the room. According to the listing the ghost is from the 1890s, but don’t worry she’s “very shy; you probably won’t see her, although some people swear she exists!”

Harlot House

Tonopah, Nevada

The Harlot House sits above the Tonopah Liquor Company bar, and it used to be an active brothel in the 1920s. It is no longer a brothel, but allegedly you may see some ghost gals during your stay in this building that used to be a part of Nevada’s “Red Light District.”

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

Great Dunmow, UK

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston feels like it’s stuck in the early 1900s, and it is meant to look like the room of a “seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys, and ephemera,” according to the listing. It’s rumoured that a child used to live in the room, and after they died their parents sealed the room out of fear that they’d haunt it. The room wasn’t reopened until the current owner who runs the Airbnb moved in, and they decided to renovate the room to look like a child may have kept it.

Organic, Pet-Friendly Getaway

Brisbee, Arizona

This peculiarly normal looking home in Bisbee, Arizona looks like most Airbnb listings, but it holds a secret that you won’t discover upon first glance: this rental is haunted. According to the listing, “you often have the house to yourselves–Oh, and the place is genuinely *haunted*–repeated episodes of odd unexplained mischief, nothing at all scary or malevolent.” Hey, it might be haunted, but at least it has an organic cotton extra-firm double bed, am I right?

The Stroud House in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Stroud House has been in the family for decades after being built in 1940. Allegedly several friends, family, and guests of the owners have experienced some spooky events here such as footsteps in the hallway, lights turning on and off, orbs in the living room, a music box that plays on its own, and a shadow figure. The home’s owners assert that no activity has been reported in the guest room, and that the supernatural acts aren’t “malevolent in nature.”

The Haunted Chamber Apartment

York, UK

Located in the United Kingdom, the “madness chamber” is apparently over 600 years old. The chamber is supposed to be almost like a time capsule of York, but it is haunted by “a man with long dark hair wearing a cap,” according to Matt Risley in an MTV interview. He didn’t see the ghost, but Risley says that the rental’s welcome manual says the ghost is accompanied by a drop in temperature in the room.

Laura’s Cottage

Savannah, Georgia

Laura’s Cottage was built way back in 1799, and famously appeared in Robert Redford’s film, The Conspirator. According to Refinery29, the guest house is haunted by a woman named Laura who lived there for 20 years. Apparently encounters with this friendly ghost are supposed to be pleasant, so no need to fear if you find yourself looking for a place to stay in Georgia.

Castello Dal Pozzo

Piedmont, Italy

This haunted castle has 16 beds with the ability to host even more guests, but it doesn’t come cheap, ringing in at $5,257 per night. According to Airbnb, in 1467 a young woman named Barbara fell in love with Matteo, an army captain. Her family didn’t approve, and before the pair could elope, Barbara’s father found out and locked her in the Castle Tower. She allegedly died there waiting for Matteo’s return, but he had been exiled to France and wasn’t able to come back for his love. Visitors of the expansive home say that they’ve seen Barbara looking out of the tower window waiting for Matteo.

Dead and Breakfast

New Orleans, Louisiana

Dead and Breakfast is a haunted house that is about a century old with five different rooms listed on Airbnb: The Manhattan Room, the Master Bedroom, the Mediterranean Room, the Drawing Room, and the Temple Room. The owner is a psychic medium, and although she doesn’t warn potential guests what exactly is haunting the home, visitors are told that “paranormal investigations are performed regularly in this home, from 9 p.m. till midnight.”

Haunted Suite in Benton Park

St Louis, Missouri

This three-story brick house was built in 1890, and is rumoured to be haunted. The owners of the haunted suite in Benton Park don’t provide much insight into the chilling nature of the historic home, but many guests have added spooky encounters in their reviews such as missing belongings turning up in odd locations, flickering lights, and hearing a woman’s voice in the middle of the night.

Chateau Pitau

Vidnoye, Russia

Chateau Pitau is another haunted castle, and has the ability to sleep nine people. The supposedly haunted castle claims to have a ghost that “appears weekly at midnight,” but that is all we get to discover from the listing. Although there is not much insight into the spooky goings-on at this Russian castle, the beautiful spot boasts multiple swimming pools, a billiards room, a wooden sauna, and several gardens.

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