The Top Shops for Cheese in Toronto

Say cheese!

Lactards get your pills ready, because this post will have you drooling for the ooey, gooey cheesy goodness that we all love.

Toronto has a great selection of cheese shops whether you’re looking for hard or soft, strong or mild. Some of the stores on this list are bonafide emporiums and others are quaint spots with a delightful European feel. Some specialize in a certain type of cheese and others specialize in having something for everyone.

Read on and find the source of your next cheese board.

Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique

(Photo by Renée Suen 孫詩敏 via Flickr Creative Commons)

In Swansea sits a cheese lover’s fantasy world. Enter ye who dare smell the scent of hundreds of international cheese, truffle, and prosciutto options that fill this 10,000 sq. ft. “food museum”. Here the shop is as well aged as the cheeses: it’s a family-owned business that’s passed through three generations, open since 1970. 

Global Cheese

Global Cheese

(Photo by Seth Anderson via Flickr Creative Commons)

An anchor to Kensington Market, Global Cheese has been a fixture since the 1970s. The family-run shop was recently renovated into a space twice the size of its previous version, making room for more international cheeses and an olive section. They’ll let you sample anything here, and while they seem to hurry everything along, they’ll always take the time to help you find what you need.

Leslieville Cheese Market

Cheese and Meat

(Photo by Renée Suen 孫詩敏 via Flickr Creative Commons)

This is the go-to cheese shop for cheese connoisseurs. Browse and buy a cheese to bring home and snack on or order from their expansive and affordable catering menu for a larger party. Or if you really want to dig into your cheeses, sign up for one of their wine and cheese classes. At only $20 a pop, it’s a steal.

Alex Farm Products


(Photo by Jiahao Chen via Flickr Creative Commons)

A little farther down the road on Queen Street East, you’ll find Alex Farms. They offer cheeses from Quebec, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, and Portugal. They’ve packed a lot of variety into this small shop in the Beach and they really know their stuff. Let them carve you a sample from one of their magnificent wheels and you’ll be ready to bring a piece of them all home with you.

La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie

(Photo by Peromyscus via Flickr Creative Commons)

This quaint shop on College Street just west of Little Italy is not the biggest player in town, but it is one of the most European. Stopping in here will feel like a proper Parisian experience. It’s cozy, welcoming and has that stinky cheese scent that confirms that they’ve got the goods.

Junction Fromagerie


(Photo by Malcolm Bastien via Flickr Creative Commons)

Specializing in Canadian artisanal cheeses, Junction Fromagerie is the only standalone cheese store in this neighbourhood. Their offerings are lovely and they’ve taken the time to explain what’s unique to each cheese they offer on the cards poked into the wheels – a real treat for cheese newbies.



(Photo by Martypants67 via Flickr Creative Commons)

While national chains are not typically featured in our posts, we would be remiss to not mention the cheese option on offer at Loblaws at Queen and Portland and Maple Leaf Square. The cheese walls here are stunning in their magnificence and the selection is quite sophisticated. So if you don’t want to make another stop while shopping, these will do just fine.

Chabichou Cheese


(Photo by Tourisme Deux-Sèvres via Flickr Creative Commons)

If you’re looking for a touch of France, head to Chabichou just east of Harbord and Bathurst Street. This cafe and cheese shop offers all the delights of the French (except for wine – they don’t have a liquor license): cheese, snails, truffles, pastries, and crème brulee. In addition to what they have under glass, you can also eat-in or take out cheesy goodness like Croque Monsieur, grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.

(Main Photo by Graeme Maclean
via Flickr)