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The top tattoo parlours in Toronto

If you’re looking to get a new tattoo, you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a list of the top tattoo parlous in Toronto.

Toronto is known for some pretty great tattoo shops, from Holy Noir to Tattoo People. The best shops in the city are scattered all over, offering up a variety of styles from portraiture to traditional art. No matter your taste, you’ll be able to find florals, cartoons, scripture, symbols, and everything in between at these tattoo hot spots.

Check out the top tattoo parlours in Toronto below.

Golden Iron

Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Golden Iron Tattoo Studio has grown to three expansive locations home to over 20 artists offering a huge variety of different styles. This modest little spot boasts artists that vary in tattooing method, including black and grey, tribal, and portrait style artists. Like all passionate artists, the team at Golden Iron are dedicated to making themselves into the best they can possibly be, so you know your tattoo is coming from a highly skilled artist.

Chronic Ink

Chronic Ink started out as a small, humble tattoo parlour in Pacific Mall, but they’ve since expanded to become widely known as one of the city’s top tattoo shops. Artists are known for their Neo-Asian, realist tattoos from full-back dragons to foo dog sleeves. Since its official opening in 2010, Chronic has won nearly 100 awards across the globe for their renowned tattooos and piercings.

Pearl Harbour Gift Shop

Not only is Pearl Harbour Gift Shop full of some of the top tattoo artists in Toronto, but it also features a variety of South Pacific influences from the tattoos to the interior decor. Located in the heart of Kensington Market, the tattoo shop draws on Japanese and American WWII-era art. Additionally, all of their designs are done by hand, and many of the tools used in the shop even incorporate the artists’ unique designs, making for a homey and eccentric vibe.

Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Once upon a time, Okey Doke Tattoo Shop was renowned for their “Get What You Get” tattoos, where guests get tattooed with whatever design gets dispensed from a vending machine. Now, this Dundas and Ossington hot spot boasts tons of tattoo experts who will still do whatever you want, no matter the style. Unlike most shops in Toronto, Okey Doke encourages walk-ins, and if they can tattoo you that day, then they will.

Speakeasy Tattoo

Speakeasy is the Toronto spot for you if you’re looking to go back to the basics. This hip art-based shop really focuses in on the artistic value of tattooing. For the working professionals in the city, this shop stays open late with its doors open until 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 6:00 pm on Sundays. Speakeasy wants tattooing to be accessible and are willing to work on a variety of tattoos at any time of day for their diverse client base.

Passage Tattoo

Jay Decator, who has been tattooing in Toronto for 23 years now, owns this Geary Avenue tattoo shop. With friendly staff, high quality, and reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong at Passage Tattoo. The artists are renowned for their design and shading abilities, ensuring to always bring in the highest possible quality of work to the table every time.

Black Line Studio

Black Line Studio is a pretty unique tattoo spot, full of local artwork and a wide selection of clothing and jewelry in addition to their renowned tattoo artists. The shop doesn’t just offer up elaborate tattoos, but it even specializes in tattoo removal as well. This innovative tattoo joint combines an upscale tattoo shop with body piercing, a laser treatment boutique, and a variety of art, jewelry, and after-care products.

Tattoo People

This tattoo parlour originated in South Korea, and now has a spot near Bathurst and Dupont. Tattoo People have stayed true to their roots, offering up a variety of Asian-inspired design options, while still giving customers the option to select American-style tattoos or intricate florals. This spot is known to book up quickly since it’s in high demand, so make sure to make an appointment far in advance.

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