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The top used bookstores in Toronto

Bookworms, literary lovers, and creativity connoisseurs, get ready because this one’s for you.

There are tons of bookstores across Toronto for bibliophiles, but sometimes it can be hard to pick which ones to go to. From three-floor used bookstore giants to shops with a “used book vending machine,” there are so many rad spots to choose from.

We’ve made a list of the top used bookstores in Toronto, which you can check out below.

BMV Books


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There are several different locations of this independent book lover hot spot across Toronto, but the one in the Annex is a major favourite. With their signature stacks of cheap used books, it’s easy to spend hours at this four floor book and record shop. You can’t beat BMV, and there’s no way you can leave empty handed with their selection of thousands and thousands of books.

Monkey’s Paw


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This unique, beloved Bloorcourt spot is rooted in adventure, with a focus on discovering some rad old reads. It’s easy to spend way more time here than you’d expect, with rows and rows of bookshelves and the Biblio-Mat: a homemade vending machine that dispenses random used books for only a Toonie. This shop doesn’t sell traditional literature, it focuses on great finds from the past, with spectacular vintage finds that are sure to contain some sort of surprise wisdom.

Doug Miller Books


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This hip spot isn’t your traditional book shop. Not only does it specialize in children’s books and graphic novels, but it has a very personal touch with unique decorations like the LEGO passageway displayed above. The owner, Doug, even began the collection when he was only seven years old, slowly expanding it to hundreds of books that now stock the shelves at Doug Miller Books. This tiny, yet charming Koreatown shop is full of fiction, sci-fi, and mystery as well!

Balfour Books


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This quaint Little Italy shop has an endearing quality of its own. It’s not a dusty or discount-based store, but instead it’s a classy, yet homey shop containing tons of great finds for lower than the average price. In addition to a dollar bin at the entrance, the small space is stacked with neat, gallery style rows of hardcover and coffee table-style books. In addition to well-loved classics, Balfour Books is stuffed with a couple of fairly new releases if you’re ready to hunt through the expansive shelves.



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Re:Reading is a crisp, neat store with shops in the Beaches and on the Danforth, all selling used books and DVDs in nearly any genre you can think of. From classic novels to contemporary hard covers, all for a great price, you’re sure to find whatever book you’re looking for to fulfill your next literary craving.

A Good Read


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This Roncesvalles shop is one of many bookstores on the famed Toronto strip, but A Good Read sets itself apart with fancy first editions and signed copies of novels. In addition to these valuable finds, the store boasts a large graphic novel section and a variety of smaller paperbacks. A Good Read is the perfect home for literary collectors and rare book connoisseurs.



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Pandemonium offers up an expansive selection of odd and old finds. This Junction hot spot deals in almost anything that comes used, including vintage records, CDs, and art. This west end used book and record store is filled to the brim with rare finds and a healthy selection of pre-loved fiction novels.

Great Escape Books


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Great Escape Books is lined from the floor to the ceiling with hardcovers and paperbacks, making for a quirky Upper Beaches bookshop. There’s something for everyone, no matter your age or interest, as you’ll be able to find expansive kids, vintage sci-fi, and CanLit sections. The space is packed, but organized perfectly for book lovers to pass a couple of hours in.

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