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The Toronto Zoo receives $2.7 million to create energy from poop

Scarborough-Rouge Park MP Gary Anandasangaree has announced that the Federal Government of Canada is going to invest $2.7 million in the Toronto Zoo, which will all go towards a program that turns animal poop into energy.

More specifically, the funds will go to the first ever biogas plant at a zoo in North America, which will open in May just east of Meadowvale Road. The digested waste will be run through a biogas “digester,” which will turn it into a renewable source of electricity and heat, in addition to high-quality fertilizer.

“We are going to be making good use of our animal waste; by using it to fuel a 500kW biogas facility,” a post on the zoo’s website reads. “The 500kW facility will produce a third of the Zoo’s electricity demand and will reduce our CO2 emissions by 10,000 tonnes.”

The facility, which is run by the co-op ZooShare, will take both animal waste from the zoo and food waste from major grocery stores, diverting it away from landfills, and ultimately reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions every single year.

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