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The TTC Is Finally Upgrading Their PA System

If you’ve ever struggled to comprehend what’s going on post hopping on the subway and listening to a service announcement, you’ll be pleased to know an upgrade is in the works.

The TTC’s often indecipherable announcements on the radio are amongst one of commuters largest complaints, as important messages are made but not received due to static. The issue became so infamous that in 2016 fake TTC merch was created to parody the common problem.

The good news is in future commuters will no longer have to deal with problematic radio announcements, as the TTC has announced a $16.6 million dollar upgrade (a new system called “Tetra”) is in the works. 20-year-old Analogue radio systems will be replaced with digital systems across the transit network. “Customers will hear a difference in quality,” states the TTC deputy Chief, who is responsible for subway operations.

Better radio communication is apart of the TTC’s new 5 year corporate plan, the TTC Board is also in the works of debating the plan which sets out the agency’s strategic vision until 2022.

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