The TTC is willing to write you a note if you’re late for work because of a delay

Don't lose your job because of a TTC delay

As true Torontonians know, the TTC is far from perfect, from unexpected delays to outrageously overcrowded stations.

Over the past few days, the TTC has been especially slow and overcrowded as a result of the weather warning, making many people late for work. Now, instead of having to convince your boss that you truly were stuck at Bloor-Yonge station because of a delay this morning, the TTC can tell them for you.

The TTC offers up a secret service for riders, where they will actually offer up late notes for commuters that have been delayed by streetcars, subways, and buses. They tweeted out the information a while ago, but the Daily Hive has just confirmed that they still offer this hidden job saver.

All you’ve got to do is call the TTC customer service hotline at 416-393-3030 and request an investigation report. The transit service will then give you a note confirming that the service has been disrupted or delayed alongside the date, time, location, and duration of the disruption.