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The TTC Is Working With Parents To Stop Teens From Scamming Free Rides

Don’t mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns.

The TTC is about to tell your mom what you’ve been up to.

After losing $20 million in revenue for 2016 alone, the Toronto Transit Commission is ready to make sure you’re going to bed without dessert.

“I am writing to you today seeking your support to address this behaviour with your kid(s),” writes Chris Upfold, deputy CEO and chief customer operator in a letter that was distributed to all schools in the Toronto District and Catholic School Boards.

The letter also outlines that students aged 16 to 19 must travel with photo ID, and reminds parents of the current fare policy:

Children ages 12 and under ride for free.
Students ages 13 to 19 must pay $2.00 or use a student ticket.

“In the coming weeks we will begin ticketing students who aren’t able to prove they have paid the appropriate fare.”

The fine for not paying the fare is $235, no matter what the age of the offender. You gotta mow a lot of lawns to pay that kind of fine off!

What do you think of the TTC’s incentive?

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