The TTC may increase fares by another 10 cents in March

The budget is now headed to City Council for approval

The proposed 2020 TTC Budget was released yesterday, and it looks like fares may increase by another 10 cents in March.

The new budget would entail a 10-cent increase to Presto fares, bringing it up to $3.20; a $4.85 increase to monthly Presto passes, bringing it up to $156; and a $5.70 increase to monthly Presto passes for post-secondary students, bringing it up to $117.45. Cash fares would not be increased, staying at $3.25.

The far increases would bring a whopping $31.4 million in passenger revenues, which would reportedly fund a number of initiatives. The new money would go toward an anti-racism strategy, hiring 50 staff solely to fight fare evasion, hiring an addition 121 operators, and 128,000 hours of added transit service.

You can read Mayor John Tory’s statement on the proposed budget below.