The TTC’s Wheel-Trans Will Service People with Mental Health Disabilities

TTC cooperating with Ontario Human Rights Code

Wheel-Trans will now recognize mental illness, as well as cognitive and sensory disabilities, as viable reasons to use their services. Until recently, the TTC service focused solely on individuals with physical disabilities, leaving out other disabilities that may impede on a person’s experience taking TTC.

For example, for an individual with social anxiety, taking public transit can prove to be exceedingly difficult and strenuous. Now, with TTC’s new eligibility rules, a passenger that suffers from a mental illness can qualify to use Wheel-Trans.

The TTC reportedly made the changes in order to comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the provincial Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Wheel-Trans rides are subsidized by the TTC and hold the same fee as regular TTC fare. In order to qualify for Wheel-Trans, customers must fill out an application form that must be given the okay by a medical doctor.

Feature photo courtesy of TTC