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The Vampire Parrot Of New Guinea Will Keep You Up At Night

Meet The Elusive Vampire Parrot 

The Vampire Parrot, a.k.a. the Dracula Parrot, is basically a mix of a parrot and a vulture. This intriguing and somewhat creepy bird is officially known as Pesquet’s Parrot. They’re endemic to hill and montane rainforest in New Guinea.

Known in certain circles as the “most goth parrot alive”, this bird is extremely rare.

So here’s why it’s compared to Dracula:

  • It screams to communicate. You can hear a sample of the screech here if you’re interested.
  • The Vampire Parrot’s red belly has a shiny black surrounding of feathers that resembles Dracula’s cape.
  • Its vulture-like hooked beak is extra bad*ss in that awkward, small little head. The beady eyes add to the bird’s mystique.

The red and black parrot’s eerie, sinister look makes it resemble a vulture.

What Type Of Bird Is A Vampire Parrot 

Image: @jurassicjabber on Instagram

The formal name of the Vampire Parrot is Pesquet’s Parrot, or Psittrichas fulgidus.

It’s the only member of its genus, and its genus is the only member of its subfamily. That means it’s basically one of a kind. It’s only found in the mountainous rainforests of the island of New Guinea. That’s in the wider geographical Pacific area of Oceania.

The Vampire Parrot is large, and usually sits around 18 inches high and weighing around 26 ounces. In contrast with other types of parrot, the females and males of this species both look very similar. The only real way you can tell them apart is that the males have a red marking on their heads behind their eyes.

Does A Pesquet’s Parrot Really Behave Like A Vampire?

vampire parrot
Image: @viewofsoul on Instagram

No, the Vampire Parrot does not actually drink blood or bite people’s necks.

It actually feeds on a rare type of fig. The rareness of which, unfortunately, puts this gloriously creepy bird at risk.

Fortunately, there are other types of nectar and fruits that can satisfy this rare bird.

Interesting Fact: Like vultures, the Vampire Parrot has evolved to lose the feathers on its head. Apparently they can get super messy with the sticky diet of figs.

Other Interesting Fact: Vampire Parrots are quite social, rendering them even less like a vampire cuz those dudes tend to hang on their own.

Can I Own A Vampire Parrot?

vampire parrot
Image: @embellissuer on Instagram

Can you own one? Definitely not.

The Vampire Parrot has a “vulnerable” status on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of threatened species.

Because of this, the bird is actually the hunted and not the hunter. Certain markets value the wings of this bird because they’re beautiful. Plus, its chicks – which only come two at a time – command very high prices on the black market.

Habitat loss due to deforestation has also placed this bird at risk.

So, no. You can’t own one. But if you’re interested in their conservation, this link will give you some reputable sources that you can research and donate to.

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