The Vancouver Aquarium just named their new octopus after Seth Rogan

The eight legged creature will be called 'Ceph Rogan'

Over the summer, Seth Rogan became the voice of Vancouver and Toronto’s transit systems, and now he is leaving another mark on the west coast city. After an online poll, The Vancouver Aquarium decided to name an octopus after him.

The Vancouver Aquarium hosted a contest online to decide what to name their new giant Pacific octopus after narrowing it down to only two names: “Ceph Rogan” (short for cephalopod) or “Octavia.” After Rogen heard word that he may have been getting an octopus named after him, he urged his fans to vote for “Ceph Rogan.”

With a landslide vote, Rogan was successful. The question is, will Ripley’s Aquarium follow suit and name their next aquatic creature after the famous comedian?

Check out the lovely Ceph below.

Lead photo courtesy of The Vancouver Aquarium Facebook Page.