The Velvet Underground Announce the Release of new live box set ‘The Complete Matrix Tapes’

The 8 LP Vinyl Box Set is due out July 12

Legendary band The Velvet Underground are set to release an eight-LP box set of live recordings from their performances at The Matrix and Family Dog from their 1969 West Coast tour.

Peter Abram, owner of the Matrix club, recorded the band’s sets on a four track recorder, and super-fan Bob Quine recorded his own versions, which have all been collected to create The Complete Matrix Tapes. The tapes will feature 43 tracks, along with nine recordings that have never been released! The new release of these recordings will give the public a rare chance to experience The Velvet Underground in a new light.

Check out the tracklist for The Complex Matrix Tapes below!
The Complex Matrix Tapes Tracklist:

Side 1:
“I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 1)”
“What Goes On (Version 1)”

Side 2
“Some Kinda Love (Version 1)”
“Heroin (Version 1)”

Side 1
“The Black Angel’s Death Song Venus In Furs (Version 1)”
“There She Goes Again (Version 1)”
“We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 1)”
“Over You (Version 1)”

Side 2
“Sweet Jane (Version 1)”
“Pale Blue Eyes After Hours (Version 1)”

Side 1
“I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 2)”
“Venus In Furs (Version 2)”
“Some Kinda Love (Version 2)”
“Over You (Version 2)”

Side 2
“I Can’t Stand It (Version 1)”
“There She Goes Again (Version 2)”
“After Hours (Version 2)”

Side 1
“We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 2)”
“Sweet Bonnie Brown (It’s Just Too Much)”
“Heroin (Version 2)”

Side 2
“White Light/White Heat (Version 1)”
“I’m Set Free”

Side 1
“We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 3)”
“Some Kinda Love (Version 3)”
“There She Goes Again (Version 3)”

Side 2
“Heroin (Version 3)”

Side 1
“Sister Ray Part 1”

Side 2
“Sister Ray Part 2”

Side 1
“I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 3)”
“What Goes On (Version 2)”
“Some Kinda Love (Version 4)”

Side 2
“We’re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (Version 4)”
“Beginning To See The Light”
“Lisa Says”
“New Age”

Side 1
“Rock & Roll”
“I Can’t Stand It Anymore (Version 2)”

Side 2
“Heroin (Version 4)”
“White Light/White Heat (Version 2)”
“Sweet Jane (Version 2)”