The Weather Station returns with new video for ‘The Robber’

Tamara Lindeman returns with first new release since her 2017 debut album

Singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman has returned with new material under her The Weather Station banner, a single and self-directed video for “Robber.” It marks Lindeman’s first release since her outstanding 2017 self-titled debut album.

The new tune arrives via Next Door Records (Canada) and Fat Possum (Rest of the World). Check out the “Robber” video below.

The video was shot in the forest on property where Lindeman grew up, and was shot by Jared Raab.

“Throughout the video is a thread of denial, of people performing their roles even when nothing seems to make sense, and nothing is quite right, and we are quite literally lost in the woods; which feels like a pretty perfect summation of our year so far,” Lindeman said in a release.

“From an emotional and mood standpoint, I wanted the video to feel like how 2020 does to me; steeped in a sort of omnipresent unease and a threat of distant violence, even as life goes on, performers perform, dancers dance, food couriers seek addresses. The threat is felt only by some characters, while others are curiously unaffected, seeming not even to notice.”

Image via Daniel Dorsa