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The Weirdest Band Merch

When it comes to band merch it’s all T-shirts, tote bags and hoodies…am I right? Isn’t it time to spice up the merch closet. Here are my favourite unusual merch items.

For all your smelly needs….OK GO‘s Needing/Getting Air Fresheners

Haven’t you always wanted to wear a Gallagher on each foot. For you…Oasis Kicks.

oasis kicks
This is by far my favourite! What is up with Deadmau5‘s love of cats? First cat headphones now the Nyan Cat Ferrari. Deadmau5 is officially a crazy cat lady.


deadmou5 cat headphones
Jack White wants you to be hygienic with this Raconteurs soap.

Make sure you moisturize after with Kevin Drew‘s Tequila Lime Body Butter.

Weezer got a lot of attention for these bad boys.

Love this and so practical. They really know their audience. Wavves Weed Grinders.

This is beautiful. Feist released a music box.

Just relax and go to sleep with Morrissey.

morrissey pillow case
Bossman Adam would love this Pixies bike jersey. Not only was he super upset that I went to the show without him…He is also a avid Toronto cyclist.

For the morning after, have a couple Killers toothbrushs on hand.

killers toothbrush
Coming soon to a contest near you…Indie88 onesies. Just gotta find the money in the budget somewhere.

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