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The Wonderful World of IKEA-Hacking

Let’s face it, as much as you’d like to buy a $2500 coffee table at West Elm, you’re most likely going to settle for the $149 LACK table at IKEA because you’re a normal human being who makes a reasonable amount of money.

The problem is that shopping at Ikea can become too routine, since most of the time you end up buying variations of the same things, repurposed into different types of furniture. Everything looks the same, and your living room probably looks exactly like your neighbour’s. Though as it turns out, IKEA product’s biggest pitfall might be its greatest benefit, according to the wonderful world of Ikea-hacking.

Since most of their products are so cheap and (for the most part) easy enough to put together, Ikea products are also easy to modify. That’s why online there lives a massive community of “Ikea Hackers” who get creative and modify/repurpose Ikea’s standard and boring designs into workable pieces of art.

As a prime example, one Ikea-hacking dad recently took it to the next level and built his son his first “big-kid bed”, and it’s amazing. Built with a slide, pulley system, and a secret hideout, it’s the bed every kid dreams of. Take a tour in the video below:

Make sure to check out the IkeaHackers semi-official website for some pretty drool-worthy DIY Ikea ideas and take a look at a few examples below:




(Photos via IkeaHackers.net)

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