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The Wooden Sky’s Gavin Gardiner Made You A Running Playlist

Camp Wavelength kicks off tomorrow on the Toronto Island and in case all of these music festivals are starting to take a toll on your health, The Wooden Sky is here to get you into gear. They’ll be hosting a run on Saturday morning so we asked avid runner and frontman of the band for some tips and tunes that motivate him to get moving. Here’s what Gavin had to say:
Running can be a spiritual journey but sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass. Good music gives things a little boost when your feet start to drag you off course, trying to head for the patio a little early.

The Stone Roses – “She Bangs the Drums”

I was a bit late getting to The Stone Roses party…as they say “better late then never”. I spent a lot of time in our van this summer listening to this record, watching as much of the western United States flew by outside the window. This song in particular makes me wanna get out and move my feet.

Ritchie Valens – “Come on Let’s Go”

I love Ritchie Valens, always have. Early rock and roll is great for running, so much raw energy to feed of off.

New Fries – “Plexiglass”

Speaking of raw energy I had the pleasure of spending two days recording with these talented folks. It’s an awesome EP and works pretty good for running too.

Robyn – “Call Your Girlfriend”

This song was an anthem for us in the van for a while, seems like it was designed for running.

The War On Drugs – “An Ocean In Between The Waves”

This whole album is great for running, it’s so hypnotic and driving. It’s a bit gauzy to so you can feel a bit like your floating when you’re out there on the trail.

Taylor Swift – “Wildest Dreams”

What’s a running playlist without a little Taylor Swift?

Kendrick Lamar – “King Kunta”

Bass is bass is bass is bass. Hard to not want to move to this, put it on and try.

Paul Simon – “Obvious Child”

The first song off of Paul’s excellent Rhythm of the Saints. Wyatt put this song on a mix CD for me years ago. He took it upon himself to give me a Paul Simon and Bob Dylan introduction, it didn’t take right away but slowly I gave way to the inevitable. This song is a great song and the drums are just undeniable. Legend has it they were recorded in a town square on a simple tape recorder (called a Nagra) and then the song was written around it. Imagine Mr. Simon running through High Park with that rhythm running through his head searching for something to sing over top of it…
Our bass man Jon Hynes is also a kindred running spirit and a man who loves running to music, I asked him for his thoughts:

Metallica – “No Remorse”

When I run I always have my trusty iPod shuffle clipped by my side. I’d love to say that I’m one of those runners that doesn’t need music to run but I’d be stone cold lying to you. I never enjoy a run the first few kilometres so I need something to motivate me. And that motivator is, without a doubt, metal. Fast, furious, brutal, and just a wonderful throwback to my tweenage years when I was completely engrossed in it. My favourite running song is “No Remorse” by Metallica. Not too fast, not too slow, a couple of breakdowns, and before blasting into a speed metal part there is a big ‘Attaaaaaack’ from Hetfield. If that doesn’t keep you motivated while running then perhaps chill-wave chess is more your speed.

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