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The Worst Pop Flavours Ever

Last week the big news broke that Doritos and Mountain Dew are teaming up to create what is sure to be the WORST pop flavour ever! “Dewitos” is currently in the testing phase at colleges in the US. One customer said “hmmm, it tastes like Doritos.” I assume that is a bad thing. Check out some other terrible pop flavours:

Jones Soda is famous for trying out disgusting flavours like this one: Poutine. I tried it. When you pop the cap there is an overwhelming smell of gravy and the aftertaste is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. I have a strong stomach and I barely kept it down.

Jones also created this lovely flavour. Not sure why there is a dog on the label; maybe it’s because your dog might be the only family member who will actually drink it.


I think by now we have learned that savory should not be a flavour for soda but some companies still don’t get it. Trying to capitalize on the bacon craze of the 2000s, Coke thought they would take a crack at it. Bacon is not good on everything!

Lester’s Fixins….why!!!

Pepsi jumped on the strange flavour bandwagon with this one. Pepsi White with Yogurt. Suprisingly, this one is not that bad. It kind of tastes like a Pepsi Float or a Pepsi flavoured creamsicle.

What’s the weirdest pop you’ve ever tried?

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