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The Zolas share ultra-cool new album ‘Come Back to Life’

It’s been five years since their last album and The Zolas are now back in a BIG way. Their brand new album Come Back to Life is a thirteen-track exploration of fresh new territory for the trio. Containing a multiplicity of genres, The Zolas once again put their writing chops and musical capabilities on full display with an instant classic record.

The Vancouver band, consisting of frontman Zachary Gray, basist Dwight Abel and drummer Cody Hiles delve deep into an array of history, outward observations and personal illusions. Earlier this year they shared three singles from the album, “Another Dimension” featuring Cadence Weapon, “Let It Scare You” and “Yung Dicaprio”.

The band shared a genuine message to their Instagram:

“To our deep sea swooners we love you for sticking with us to get to this point. It’s exactly the music we needed to make and exactly the music the world needs right now. Sorry for the arrogance. We’ve never fully felt that way before and when you dive in properly you’ll see what I mean. Looking forward to talking about each song w u over the next week or so (and year or so).”

Stream Come Back to Life below.

In the same post they also shared this about the record:

“Releasing music in 2021 is a lot like dropping a rubber ducky into the middle of the Pacific. Only the winds and currents of the internet will decide if that music hits land. It’s dead annoying. I guess what I’m asking is for you to be the weather. If a song or a lyric hits you where you needed to be hit, send that into the world. Send it to someone. Post about it. Put it on while you’re in a car with friends.”

“There are so many conversations in this album that I think about all the time and I know you think about them too. But nobody really writes music about it so that’s why this album exists.”

The band has also released upcoming Canadian tour dates beginning November 4th in Montreal.

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