There’s A Hidden Basketball Easter Egg Game in Facebook Messenger

It's alarmingly addicting

For those of you who have friends that like to look at your Facebook messages and take forever to respond, we have good news for you.

While you were busy playing Clash of Clans or Farmville or whatever games people play these days, Facebook secretly introduced an addicting basketball game in their messenger app. All you need to do to find the Easter egg is send a basketball emoji to your friend using the Facebook messenger app on your phone.


Click the emoji and it opens up the game in the app, and try to flick the basketball into the net. After 10 consecutive points the net will move.



Every time you set a new high score it notifies your friend in the app, which is GREAT if they’re ignoring your messages. Also, don’t bother with the other sports emojis, trust us — we tried.



Main image courtesy via Flickr