There’s an Instagram account dedicated to making ‘shitty’ watercolour paintings of Leslieville

'The beautiful sights of Leslieville in shitty watercolours'

Someone has created an Instagram account dedicated to documenting Leslieville through “shitty” watercolour paintings.

The painter, who plans to stay anonymous, goes by @shitty_watercolour_leslieville on Instagram, and they focus on “The beautiful sights of Leslieville in shitty watercolours,” as they explain in their bio. Their goal is to capture the beauty of Leslieville through the lens of watercolour paintings.

“Whenever I leave work and cross the DVP I let out a big sigh of relief – it really feels like home,” the artist explained, according to Good Hood. “When I got a set of paint for Christmas this year, I thought I’d try to capture those feelings in shitty watercolours.” The artist has already painted iconic Leslieville spots like Pilot Coffee, Left Field Brewery, Sweat & Soda, Poor Romeo Bar, Gale’s Snack Bar, and more.

The artist also takes requests for new pieces via Instagram, so if you have a favourite spot in Leslieville that you’d love to see in watercolour, just send them a quick message. Additionally, you can buy a shitty watercolour painting for yourself on Etsy.