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These 15 Hilarious Misspelled Tattoos Will Make You Cringe

Misspelled Tattoos Ever Get Old 

Similar to our article about people selling mirrors, we’re not quite sure why misspelled tattoos are so darn hilarious.

Maybe it’s because you’d think that people would be more considerate when permanently placing ink on their bodies. Or it could be that it’s actually hard to believe people make these spelling mistakes. Maybe it’s fun to just try to think of how such mistakes could possibly be covered up.


Perhaps it’s the rare times when there are not one but TWO really obvious mistakes.

bad tattoos
Image: @wiltschut69 on Instagram

Maybe it’s when the irony isn’t just there, but it’s overwhelming to the point of tears.

misspelled tattoos
Image: @dating_after_50 on Instagram

Sometimes, however, you have to wonder if they did it on purpose. I mean, this is actually kind of meta, no?

misspelled tattoos
Image: @reallycoldice on Instagram

And this guy just opens himself up to so many insults, I doubt if he’d even get far enough to use these misspelled knuckles for some bruisin’.

misspelled tattoosImage: @oopslaser on Instagram

Here are some more of the worst misspelled tattoos that we could find from scouring the internet. Marvel at them. Enjoy them. Share them with your friends so you guys can feel smart that you get it.

Revel in the fact that you would never, ever get something like this tattooed on your body. And then maybe suspend your judgement for just a moment to consider that these people likely thought they’d never do it either.

misspelled tattoos
Image: @oopslaser on Instagram
misspelled tattoos
Photo: @oopslaser on Instagram
misspelled tattoos
Image: @oopslaser on Instagram
misspelled tattoos
Photo: @oopslaser on Instagram

Even Celebrities Aren’t Safe From A Bad Tattoo

And then, while you’re sitting back all smug and laughing at these tattoos, remember that really rich, successful celebrities are even subject to a bad tattoo.

Ariana Grande’s Misspelled Tattoo

misspelled tattoos
Image: @luvbotariana on Instagram

It might look ok, but this tattoo originally translated to spell a Japanese barbecue grill. It was meant to say “7 Rings“, which is a new single she’s just released. However, when she was made aware of the misspell, she fixed it. Unfortunately though, she tried to remedy the spelling and it now reads “Japanese barbecue finger”.


Obviously Ariana Grande’s misspelled tattoo is not as heinous as some of these. She gets some grace because Japanese is a notoriously hard language to translate.

But still…

As they say friends: Think before you ink.

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