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These are the costumes you’ll see everywhere this Halloween

It’s time for the annual Halloween costume hunt!

Every year there’s that one costume that basically everyone wears, and Google has just given us their insight on what that will be by releasing their top costume searches in Canada. We’ve put together a list of the Halloween costumes you’re going to see everywhere this year based on the top Canadian costume searches of 2018.

Justin Trudeau

Apparently Canadians want to dress up as the Halloween master himself. To turn yourself into our Prime Minister, all you’ve got to do is get a Trudeau-style wig, a red tie, and a suit, and you’re pretty much set. In honour of legalization, which is probably the young Trudeau’s claim to fame, you could always wear a cannabis pin.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has so many iconic looks, from the popping champagne picture to the iconic floral pregnancy dress. There’s a Kim look for everyone, so it’s no wonder she made it to the list of the top Halloween costume searches in Canada.

A Unicorn

You’re never too old to be a rainbow loving unicorn. Plus, it’s a super easy costume considering the only necessary part of it is having a mystical horn in the middle of your forehead. There are tons of different ways to make yourself look like a unicorn, from elaborate makeup to colourful outfits.

Paw Patrol

Okay, you might be too old for this one. The Paw Patrol searches were probably for kids and families, but hey there’s no shame in being a closet cartoon lover.


This costume may be a little bit overdone, but I guess that’s why it made the list of the most searched Halloween costumes in Canada! It’s a pretty simple costume as well, considering all you need is to deck yourself out in all red and grab a pair of devil horns and a tail.


Okay Canada, you could’ve gotten a little more creative with this one. Every Halloween you’re bound to see at least 17 cats prowling around any given party.

Connor McDavid

Canadian professional ice hockey player Connor McDavid made it to the list, probably because many people consider him to be one of the best players in the world right now. If you can get your hands on a McDavid Edmonton Oilers jersey, you’re basically set. Other than that, all you really need is a hockey stick and a helmet.

Donald Trump

Obviously the extremely animated American president made the list. Who wouldn’t want to look like real life Cheeto, Donald Trump? Put on a wig full of his wistful blonde locks, paint your face orange, put on a suit and yell obscene things all night and you’ll be mistaken for Trump in no time!


Even though it’s getting some scathing reviews, Venom still made the cut with Tom Hardy’s iconic costume. Just like journalist Eddie Brock, you can merge yourself with imaginary alien, Venom, and look just like the famous villain with superhuman strength and power.


Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the beloved anime show? There’s an endless number of characters to choose from, including Ash Ketchum, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Team Rocket, or the obvious choice, Pikachu. This idea is great for a group costume no matter what age you are (or how many times you’ve seen it done).

Peppa Pig

This is probably another one for the kids, but this easy costume is basically just a pig outfit underneath clothes you have lying around the house.

Stranger Things

If you’re feeling a little spooky, you might as well jump on the bandwagon and dress up as your favourite Stranger Things character. Whether you dress up as Eleven, Joyce Byers, or the Christmas light wall of letters, you’re sure to find the rest of the cast anywhere you go this Halloween.

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