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These Are Toronto’s Most Popular Dog Names

Is there anything better than a dog with a human name? Kevin the wiener dog. Derick the Pomeranian. Brenda the Pug. Katherine the Retriever.

It’s even funnier when you’re talking about your human-named dog with strangers. “I left for a few hours and Brenda barfed in my shoes again. Huge mess. Had to hose her down in the garage… oh by the way, Brenda is my dog, not my girlfriend.”

On a related note, did you know that when you register your dog (or cat!) with Toronto Animal Services, they compile a list of the most popular names in the city by year and publish this data for all to enjoy? Why? Don’t question it… just take this opportunity to kill an hour or two, see if your dog’s name made the list, or find inspiration for naming your new pup.

And now, a few observations from Toronto’s Most Popular Dog Names in 2016:

  • People really like naming their dogs after food (Baba Ganouj, Bagel), booze and booze brands (Bulleit, Ciroc), and musicians (Phil Collins, Selena Gomez)
  • The most popular dog name was Charlie (792 Charlies, to be exact)
  • Whoever named Fat Assassin is a legend
  • The punny names are pretty impressive, like Stevie Licks’ and Muttley Crue
  • 91 dogs share Indie 88’s official office dog’s name: Willow
  • On that note, there are 24 dogs named Indie in Toronto, while only 6 people named their dog after Starbucks
  • There are 5 dogs named Burger, but only 2 named Hamburger
  • There are 4 Mr. Bigs (I thought there could only be one?)
  • Toronto-themed names were not that prevalent with only 1 Raptor, 3 Drakes, 4 Norms and 1 6ix
  • Only 2 Luke Skywalkers?
  • I’d like to take Art Vandelay for a walk
  • And finally, to the people who named their dogs Particle, Entropy and Pepsi King… why?

Was your dog’s name on the list? Which one is your favourite?

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