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These Micro-Mini Cows Are The Same Size As A Dog!

While we’re on the subject of genetic modification of animals, I present to you the adorable, squeal-worthy, seemingly impossible micro mini cow.

Tiny cattle, one rancher in particular has realized, make great pets. In fact, he says that they very much resemble dogs in temperament. They love treats, being outside, and they even run around and love attention.

So what the heck is up with the micro mini cow? How did it get so mini? And why on earth did someone decide to breed such a tiny beast?

Let’s find out.

You’ll say “MOO” For These Adorable Micro Mini Cows

Micro mini cow
Image: @the.mabeys on Instagram

Micro mini cows are exactly what their name suggests: really, really small cows. A regular cow (depending on the breed) can measure anywhere from 54 to 60 inches in height. Micro mini cows, however, pretty much cap out at around 40 inches.

There are very few micro-cattle breeders in the world. One of them, Dustin Pillard, has been breeding them on a farm in Iowa. He is probably the most well-known micro cow breeder in the world.

Beyond being featured in newspapers, Mr. Pillard has also had numerous TV news specials done about him and his mini cows. He began breeding them way back in 1995.

How Big Do Mini Cows Get?

Micro mini cow
Image: @greenvalleyaussies on Instagram

The mini cow is now the smallest it’s ever been. Thanks so selective breeding, the farmers can mess around with the cow’s genes to make them teeny-tiny.

The average cow and bull height of these tiny little cows is about 33 inches, or 84 cm. They come in various colours, and are even representative of different breeds. These breeds include Texas Longhorns, Texas Shorthorns, Jerseys, Dexters Herefords, Angus, Zebus, and Watusis.

In a lot of cases, the teacup mini cow is the same size as a dog! We’re not sure yet if they cuddle or jump up on your lap on the couch. That’s probably only a gene tweak away, so see if you can put in a recommendation for “extra cuddly cow” when you make your order.

Where To See Mini Cows

Dustin Pillard grew up in the city. When he was in college he attended a cattle auction, and that’s where he saw the micro-cows fo the first time.

Three years later, when he purchased a 10-acre farm in Iowa, he felt the urge to populate it with the tiny beasts. He purchased five of the animals for breeding, and started the Oxen Ridge Miniature Cattle Farm.

Today, you can view them and also purchase them at Pillard’s farm. Right now, he sells 10 – 20 animals a year, which sounds like a really low estimate for an Instagram sensation.

Pillard swears that selective breeding has not impacted the health of his cows, and that they are ready to add tons of character to small farms and big yards.

But if you want one, be prepared to get out your pocketbook in a major way. These tiny little beauties will ring you up about a thousand bucks. And that’s just the starting price for a bull calf.

Micro mini cow
Image: @rhideawayranch on Instagram

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