These People Won’t Be Very Happy When They Arrive in Canada

Turns out some Americans are ignorant AND uneducated

ICYMI: Amazing news came today that after a 5-4 ruling, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states in the U.S.A.

Unfortunately there are still some who disagree with the decision and they’re game plan on how to deal with it fails on every level. Most of these tweets have since been removed but you can take a look at what was said below:

Gay marriage is now legalized in the entire US. Moving to Canada.
— NeverThatKid (@Lord of Wolves)

Well looks like I’m moving to Canada, anyone wanna join?
— alexjjack (@Alex Jack)

Finding my wife and moving to Canada.
— RoyTheV (@Lee)

The good news is a few people were kind enough to clear up the confusion:

For more twitter reactions to the news, visit the fine folks at Buzzfeed.

(Photo courtesy of Swire via Flickr)