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These Realistic Babyclon Avatar Dolls Will Have You Doing A Double Take

You may remember back when Avatar smashed records at the box office. The movie created a generation of fans. Now, Spanish silicon baby manufacturer Babyclon has created a new generation altogether: Avatar babies, the latest in a long line of bizarre Avatar spin-off toys.

Cute Or Creepy? Hyper-Realistic Baby Avatar Dolls

Depending on how much you love Avatar will help you decide whether these hyper-realistic creations are cute or creepy. Babyclon (a portmanteau, presumably, for “baby clone”) creates babies from silicon that resemble real children.

Meet Babyclon: Creators Of The Avatar Reborn Baby Doll

The company takes pride in showing everything from veins to individual hairs and even nipples and eyes that resemble the real things. It’s incredible actually how much work and creativity is put into these creations!

When you’re creating dolls to be used in movies, you need to consider all details. Because of this, however, do you find the dolls cute… or creepy?

For me, when I visited their site, I didn’t find the Avatar Dolls creepy. Likely because they’re already fantasy creatures, so they look like dolls anyways. What I found creepy was the iterations of real children! My goodness some things (like silicon?) should not be made to attempt to simulate real life!

If you already think dolls are creepy, Babyclon baby clones will give you the heebie-jeebies all day long. But if you’re into dolls (that’s still a thing for adults, right?) then you’ll be just fine.

How Much Do Babyclon Dolls Cost?

I bet you can already guess that these Babyclon Avatar Dolls are going to be expensive. And they are! Prices range from around $1400 – $2400 USD.

Where To Purchase

If you’re that big of an Avatar fan, then you need to go here to purchase one. While you’re there, you can also buy alien babies, unicorn babies, and angel babies.

Have fun!

Image credits: @babyclon_oficial Instagram

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