These Songs about Transit will make Your Commute more Bearable

Who knew buses were so Inspiring?

Transit in this city is a nightmare but a necessary evil for most of us. Whether it’s the sweltering, B.O. fog of a crammed Queen streetcar in July or the slushy, salt crusted experience of riding a freezing bus in February, we love to hate our TTC. Some artists have turned their experiences on the transit system into works of art although I’m not sure how. Here are some songs about transit to make your commute a little more bearable.

Great Lake Swimmers – “I Will Never See The Sun”

These local boys have written this beautiful ditty about being stuck in subway hell. Bonus points for name-checking Toronto subway stops.

The Shuffle Demons – “Spadina Bus”

This funk band from the 80s were the first (and maybe only) band I know who have written about a specific Toronto bus line (it’s now a steetcar).

The Who – “Magic Bus”

I want to know what drugs they were on to make a bus ride “magic”. My bus rides are more like “Tragic Bus”, amirite????

Kriss Kross – “I Missed The Bus”

And that’s something that I’ll never, ever do again! Shout out to pointless nostalgia! Remember these little twerps who wore their clothes backwards? Yeah? Well guess what? They missed a bus or something!

Jonathan Richman – “You’re Crazy For Taking The Bus”

You might know Jonathan Richman from his band Modern Lovers or as the guy who plays music up in a tree in There’s Something About Mary, but either way he has no problem taking the bus.

The Hollies – “Bus Stop”

The Hollies are amazing (see “Air That I Breathe”) but this is a weirder song about waiting at a bus stop and sharing an umbrella. Simpler times, dude, simpler times.