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These were the most Popular Passwords of 2015

Are your friends constantly hacking into your Facebook account? Have you ever had your Twitter compromised? Well it might just be the simplicity of your password. According to a list compiled by Splash Data from more than two million leaked passwords, revealed the two most popular passwords had not changed since 2011.

What? Come on, people. It’s been five years. In that time you have probably graduated University, had a mediocre entry-level job for a few years, maybe got engaged – who knows? Regardless, there is no excuse for you to keep your password ‘starwars’, ‘123456’, ‘welcome’ or perhaps the most unforgivable ‘password’, for such an extended period of time. You are compromising your cyber security, dammit!


According to Matthew Warren, professor at Deakin University, the top list has barely changed since the 80s. “Children aren’t taught at schools about choosing secure passwords, and you have to visit government websites to get the information,” Warren says.

Below is the a top ten list of the Worst Passwords of 2015 according to Splash Data. Hopefully this list ignites a firery passion in your heart to add an uppercase letter and a number into your beloved ‘password’, password.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.48.45 PM

That’s it for the top ten passwords of 2015. Like more lists about last year? Check out our Year in Review: 2015.

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