Things You Would Pay Someone To Do For You

Wouldn't you?

Sure some of these things seem easy enough, but what if you could pay someone to do them for you? On The Morning After we asked “What’s the thing you would pay someone to do for you?” Listen below:​

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What would you pay someone else to do? Let us know in the comments. Here are my top 3:

As a music fan who’s constantly listening to music on my iPod or iPhone I would pay someone to untangle my earbuds. Why is it that every time I pull them out of my pocket they’re a tangled mess? Even sitting on the counter they’ll somehow end up in a knot that I have to pull apart before they’re usable. And since I’m paying for someone to untangle my earbuds maybe they can CHARGE UP MY PHONE FOR ME while they’re at it. The 2ft long cord they give you isn’t exactly convenient when you need to plug it in.
I also still have a collection of CDs that I’m not quite ready to get rid of, but can someone please organize my collection? Thanks to a break-in on my car a couple years ago I have a bunch of empty CD cases (that ultimately lead to disappointment upon discovering the disc itself was stolen) and putting albums in alphabetical order is not something I have the patience for. Perhaps they could be grouped by mood so I can quickly find some music for any occasion – like when I’m raging because I can’t find the music I’m looking for.

(Photo via Mike Studd)

Live music is something I’ll always love, but I need someone to wait in line for me. I don’t want to have to stand outside the venue, then stand in the coat check line, then stand in the beer line – I’d rather have someone do all of that for me and maybe just shoot me a text when it’s my turn. Is there a chance to meet the band? Cool, wait around until they show up and let me know when I can walk in and say ‘Hi.’