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Things You’ve (Probably) Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

You’ve made it this far. Now, life really begins. Take a look at the list below: multiple hacks that are guaranteed to make your day-to-day struggle a little easier. If you’ve already heard of these, congratulations; if not, have fun spreading the word (or keeping it to yourself—whatever helps you sleep at night). Got some more? Add to the comments below.

Freezing Ice Cream

Ice cream. Pretty much a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Before adding your favourite tub to the freezer, place it in a sealed Ziploc bag to maintain that smooth consistency without it hardening into a block of ice.


Peeling oranges

One swift move + minimal spray-back. Yes, please!


Using ketchup cups

Unfurl the lips of those tiny McDonald’s cups to add some serious heft to your dunking game


Preparing watermelon

It’s all in the slice. Avoid the mess and take a few extra swipes to achieve this nifty fruit hack.


Eating a Toblerone

You’re welcome!


Wrapping presents

Covering a decent-sized gift with two pieces of tape? It is possible.


Popping bottles

If you’re in a bind and you MUST get into that bottle, a plain sheet of paper will do in a pinch.


Taking off your shirt

A quick, one-handed motion is all it takes. Try it! You’ll be the life of the party.


Playing Monopoly

This rule is a real game-changer. Ignore if you’ve got seventeen hours to kill.


Peeling a banana

Apparently, this is the way that monkeys do it. You’re not dumber than a monkey, right?

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