This 18-Foot Imperial Walker Is the Best Playhouse Ever Built

It looks like its been plucked straight out of the movie Rogue One

YouTuber and mad scientist Colin Furze has one-upped himself with his new Star Wars-themed invention. For his latest project, Furze created an 18-foot tall AT-AT built-to-scale from the original toy. Yes, that’s right.

The playhouse includes a retractable stairway entrance and the inside is chock-full of enough toys and memorabilia to make any young Star Wars fan implode with excitement. Ok, maybe a few of us 80s kids too.

The structure took Furze and his pals one month to complete and is installed presumably in his back yard so his kids can quite confidently say they have the coolest dad EVER.

Watch the video tour and behind the scenes feature below.

GIANT Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den

Building a HUGE Star Wars AT-AT

Via Gizmodo