This 24/7 “Dial-A-Carol” Hotline Sings You Live Christmas Carols on Demand

Operators are standing by to brighten your day

You ever wake up in the middle of the night restless and uncomfortable, and think to yourself, “I really wish someone lull me to sleep with some Christmas Carols?” Well you’re actually in luck.

Every year for the past 55 years, volunteer students at the University of Illinois are run a Christmas carol Hotline called “Dial-A-Carol” for the sole purpose of spreading holiday cheer. Anyone is welcome to call, and there’s no charge.

Call up the number, and you can ask the students to sing any Christmas carol of your desire. They have a book of carols to choose from, but if they don’t know it they’ll look it up online and sing it to you. Currently the group have surpassed last years record, with over 7,200 calls, according to their FB.

Want to call them and hear for yourself? The number is (217) 332-1882.

Check out their promotional video above!