This Art Director’s Promotional Videos Accurately Showcase Life as A Millennial

For all you millennials just trying to figure it out.

Being a millennial isn’t always easy. There’s pressure to be Instagram-perfect, the struggle to get a job in this demanding job market, and dealing with the very changed “dating” scene. Many have commented on this millennial struggle and some even call it a quarter-life crisis.

Freelance art director, Samantha Jayne, nails the quarter-life crisis perfectly in four ads for her new book, Quarter Life Poetry. The book sparked from Jayne’s popular Instagram account of the same name. The account is dedicated to four-line poetry and an original image by Jayne addressing her very own quarter-life crisis. Her very first Instagram post under Quarter Life Poetry was about whipping up an almond mocha frappe as an MFA graduate.

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Since then, her Instagram account has racked up over 80 thousand followers, scoring a book deal regarding the millennial struggle. Her poetry book will address stories from Tinder dates to random roommates to unpaid internships, set to come out April 5 from Grand Central Publishing.

The book trailers for Quarter Life Poetry are more than your average book trailer. Jayne teamed up with director Arturo Perez, a finalist in the 2015 New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes, to create darkly humorous short films to promote the book. Jayne wrote the scripts and acted in the spots for her book, bringing her real quarter-life crisis into full form.

Each of the one-minute long videos feature Jayne struggling to figure out something in her life, ending with the punchline “Who are we kidding?”.

According to Adweek, Jayne says:

“I started Quarter Life Poetry as a way to connect with other people in their 20s about how I was actually feeling…You go on Instagram and see all these shining, happy photos of friends. And there’s a disconnect there, because then you get drinks with them and find out how they’re really feeling.”

Check out the spots for Jayne’s book below:

Jayne says:

“All of these spots, I’m pretty sad to admit, are 100 percent autobiographical, except for the humour, because none of this was funny when it was actually happening…I really hope people take away that they’re not alone. I know these struggles are completely privileged struggles, and pretty much what you go through when you’re becoming an adult, and you make mistakes all the time.”

Quarter Life Poetry is due out April 5.