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This Boy Is Best Friends With A Duck and It’s Adorable

Beaker “Bee” Young joined his human family when he was a duckling, and quickly became best friend’s with their (human) baby boy named Tyler.

The family has eleven ducks in their Texas household. “When Tyler was about nine months old my husband was buying duck food and saw Beaker,” explained Jennifer, Tyler’s mother. “He brought him home and from that day forward he hasn’t left Tyler’s side. If he cries, Bee quacks and runs to him.”

Duck 1

“Bee steals snacks when Tyler isn’t looking, and they play outside together, go to the park together, enjoy wagon rides together, and Bee is always supervising bath time,” she added. “I never pictured myself having a pet duck that lives inside, but it’s amazing to see these two in action.”

Duck 2

Even Tyler’s first word was “duck”!

Duck 4

Check out the Facebook page dedicated to the pair with more pictures and videos of their rare friendship.

Duck 5

Duck 6

Duck 14

Duck 8

Duck 9

Duck 10

Duck 11

(Images via Bored Panda)

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