This Camera-Equipped Vest Will Make Your Dog Social Media Ready

It captures the things that make them the happiest

The Posting Tail is on a mission to make your pup Facebook famous.

The invention, established by major dog food company Pedigree, is a vest that allows dogs to share on social media moments, places and things that make them happy.


The vest has an accelerometer attached to the dog’s tail, which can tell the difference between a regular and a happy tail wag. When it starts to wag happy, a sensor picks it up and tells the camera to snap a pic. The photo is immediately uploaded to social media.


The innovative vest is WiFi enabled and 3G broadband ready. It can also use a GPS to show where your dog took the pictures and the special places you’ve attended. has a contest on to win a week-long trial of the vest. It is unclear when The Posting Tail will be available to purchase.

Be prepared to see a lot of pictures of yourself making stupid faces – oh, and other dogs butts.

Preview The Posting Tail in the video player above.